Engagement: Saving a Card on File

This article will explain how to save a patient's card on file in-office and online within Engagement Payments

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Saving a card on file for payments in Engagement can be a convenient and secure way to process transactions. It allows patients to easily make payments without having to physically present a card each time, and it can also reduce the risk of errors and fraud by eliminating the need to manually enter card information. Additionally, having a card on file can make it easier for patients to pay outstanding balances or schedule recurring payments. Overall, saving a card on file can help streamline the payment process and improve the customer experience at your dental office.

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Saving Card Information: In Office

  1. Access the Patient Three Dot Menu

  2. Select Payments

  3. Select Physical Terminal Payment or Virtual Terminal Payment

  4. Enter the card information, then check the box that says Save this card for future payments

    1. Before proceeding, please make sure that you have obtained permission from the patient to save their card information. Once this step is completed, your office staff will only be able to view the last four digits of the card and will not have access to the full card information in the future.

  5. Enter in the Card Nickname to make it easily identifiable for future use

  6. To delete the card on file, click on the Trash Can icon

Saving Card Information: Patient View (Online)

  1. Access the Patient Three Dot Menu

  2. Select Payments

  3. Enter in the necessary information, then select Send a Payment Request

    1. For more information on how to prepare and send a single payment request, click here.

  4. Upon clicking the payment link, the patient will be directed to a page where they can enter their card information.

  5. Once they enter the information, they can check a box to save the card for future use

  6. They will also be able to enter a nickname for the card

    1. Please note: When the patient saves the card information, it will also be stored in the practice's virtual terminal

  7. From there, when they need to make payments, they can choose from a list of saved cards in a drop-down menu for future payments.

  8. To delete the card on file, the patient can click on the Trash Can icon

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