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Engagement: Processing a Payment Using an EOB Virtual Card
Engagement: Processing a Payment Using an EOB Virtual Card

Learn how to process an insurance payment (EOB) with the Engagement Payments Virtual Terminal

Written by Jolynn Marcum
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With Payments in Engagement, you have the ability to complete payments via the Virtual Terminal. Here you are able to process insurance payments using the Virtual Card provided, this is most likely found on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Document. This article will discuss how and where to access the necessary information to do this successfully.

Process an Insurance Payment with a Virtual Terminal

Access to the Payments tab in Engagement is restricted to users with admin privileges. To learn more about user permissions, click here.

  1. In your Engagement module, select Patients from the left side menu

  2. Click the Create patient button to create an Unlinked Patient

  3. Name the patient 'Insurance Payments'

  4. You will need to add a 'date of birth', mobile number, or email (Tip: We recommend adding your work email so that you can receive the receipts)

  5. Once the Insurance Payments unlinked patient has been created, click on the Payments Dashboard from the left side menu of Engagement

  6. Click on Collect payment button found in the upper right hand corner

  7. Click Virtual terminal from the dropdown menu

  8. Search for and select the patient named Insurance Payments

  9. Enter the amount to be collected for the patient

  10. Enter in the card information provided on the EOB (most likely found on the Explanation of Payment page). An example of a common Virtual Card type is QuicRemit. Here is an example of what the Virtual Card might look like:

  11. When entering the zip code, do NOT refer to the zip code found at the top of the EOB, this is the return address. Instead, refer to the address provided on the last page of the document:

  12. Remember to de-select the "Save this card for payments" checkbox as we do not want to save the virtual card

  13. Click Submit

  14. Manually post the individual insurance payments to each patient ledger

  15. In your Engagement Payments Dashboard locate the deposit made under the name Insurance Payments

  16. Select the Actions button to the right of the Insurance Payments transaction and then click Manually mark as "Posted to ledger"

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