Simplify your payments process and radically improve collections when you set-up terminals for Engagement payments.

Engagement offers four simple options for accepting payments: Payment Requests, *Bulk Payment Requests, *Virtual Terminal, and *Physical Terminal.

*These features available for offices using Clearent as their payment processing service.

For more information on how to send payment requests, click here.

Using the Virtual Terminal

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Patients Tab

  2. Click on the Three Dot Menu and hover over Payments

  3. Select Virtual Terminal Payment

  4. The payment screen will default to the patient’s balance due, but the amount can be adjusted as desired.

  5. Enter the card information and click Submit to complete the transaction

    1. Note: Should you decide to use the physical terminal instead, you can click on the Reader option, which will process the payment through the physical terminal as long as it is connected to your computer. Click here to learn how to set-up a physical terminal.

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