*Note - all customers will be moved over the new flat rate of 2.59%. This flat rate will include all dues, fees, and assessments. Effective August 1, 2022 there will no longer be an AR Management fee applied.

Monthly Payments Statement

Monthly Payments Statements are not only emailed to you each month, but they are also easily accessible within your Dental Intelligence Growth Platform. Here you can view current and past month statements.

  1. Hover over the Payments icon on the left and select Monthly Payments Statement

  2. Click on the month in the sidebar that you want to view

  3. Your monthly statement includes:

    1. The gross amount of payments collected through Analytics Payments

    2. Amount of any refunds issued through Analytics Payments

    3. Processing fees (2.59%)

    4. Net Deposit is the amount that has been deposited into your bank account for that time period.

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