Modento provides you with a library of Forms that were created and developed by our team members with experience in the Dental Field. These Forms automatically update into your Practice Management Software, so you don't have to print, sign, scan and shred, all day every day.

If you use Dentrix, Forms will update into the DocuCenter. For Eaglesoft, Forms will update in SmartDocs. And for Open Dental, Forms will update into the Images.

We recommend you look through the existing Forms to identify if there are any changes that need to be made, if so, refer to the following article to learn how to edit Forms!

In order to edit Forms in Modento, you will need to have the Forms and Consents Editor setting enabled. This can be turned on by reaching out to our support team. Once this is enabled you will be able to complete the following steps to customize your Forms.

This video will walk you through the process to Edit Forms:

Editing Forms

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Open Settings in the left hand menu

  2. Access Forms tab

  3. Select the Pencil Icon

    • Note: When editing forms you will have the ability to enable the Auto-Save Toggle. This will save edits to the forms as they are made automatically to avoid losing any changes. You can enable this by selecting the 3 Dot Menu in the form editor view, then clicking the Auto-Save toggle button

  4. Select a Page and click into the content

  5. To edit the content, select the text line or text box and enter in needed changes

  6. Use the Plus Sign (+) to add new fields and formatted questions

  7. When adding a Block of Text from the Plus Sign, add placeholders to auto-fill patient or practice information

  8. Click the Hide or Delete to remove content from patient view

  9. Select Publish at the top right hand side of your screen when changes are complete

For more information about Place Holders, view our Adding Place Holders article:

To learn how to Send Forms, refer to the following article:

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