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Engagement: How to Send Forms and Consents
Engagement: How to Send Forms and Consents

Engagement forms and consents can be sent to a kiosk device in your office or directly to to your patient via text or email

Written by Jolynn Marcum
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Are you ready to say goodbye to endless charts, files and paperwork? Engagement digital forms and consents make it easy for your office to go paperless.

Before you begin sending forms and consents to your patients, make sure that you've customized them to meet the needs of your practice! Check out these helpful guides to learn more:

Watch this short video to learn how to send forms and consents to a kiosk in your office or directly to your patients via text or email:

This is part of the Engagement Module. If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

Send a Form and/or Consent to a Patient

  1. Select Patients from the menu on the left

  2. Click on the three dot menu

  3. Select Forms, then click on Prepare forms and consents

  4. Select who or where you want to send the forms to (kiosk, patient, or family member)

  5. Select the delivery channel (Auto, Text, or Email)

  6. Click to Add Form or Add Consent to select the paperwork desired

  7. Click the 'x' bubble to remove a previously selected form

    Note: Click on the green magnifying glass to preview the form/consent, or click on the pencil icon to mark the document as completed outside of Engagement (ie paper copy).

  8. If adding a consent: A yellow + icon indicates that that a consent placeholder requires a patient value. Enter the placeholder value and then click the blue Save button

  9. The + icon is now green, indicating that no additional values are needed for this consent. Click on the green magnifying glass icon to preview the consent with the entered value added

  10. The consent will open in a new window for you to preview with the placeholder value shown as entered (close at any time)

  11. Returning to the Engagement task window, select the Preferred language (English or Spanish) and select the Minor version checkbox if preparing forms for a patient who is a minor

  12. Check Save Defaults box if you want any changes made to be saved for you specifically for future use

  13. Check Global Defaults you are an Admin user and want your changes saved globally for all users

  14. Click to Send and Close the window or click Just Send to keep the window opened

Click here to learn more about the patient experience when

receiving and signing forms and consents.

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