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Engagement: How to Print Blank Forms and Consents
Engagement: How to Print Blank Forms and Consents

Learn how to print blank forms and/or consents in Engagement

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In the event that you need to print a physical copy of a blank form or consent for a patient, Engagement makes it easy to do so with just a few clicks!

How to Print a Blank Form or Consent

Follow the steps below to print out a blank form or consent:

  1. Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner

  2. Select the Forms tab or the Consents tab

  3. Click Default or Minor button next to the desired form or consent

  4. A new window will open showing the blank form/consent

  5. Click the green PDF icon in the bottom right hand corner

  6. The PDF will download. Click to open the downloaded file and then print the document as usual

Note: Blank forms can only be printed in English. Patients that would like to complete forms in Spanish (or another language) should plan to do so digitally. Learn more here.

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