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Engagement: Patient Experience Receiving and Signing Documents
Engagement: Patient Experience Receiving and Signing Documents

See how patients will receive forms and consents after they are sent out and how they are electronically returned when completed

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When you send forms and/or consents to a patient, they will receive a message from Engagement that includes a link to complete the requested paperwork.

Depending on the delivery channel you selected when sending the forms, the patient will receive the paperwork link via text, email, or at an in-office kiosk.

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Preview a Form and/or Consent as a Patient

To preview a form as it will appear for a patient, access the Forms or Consents tabs from your Engagement Settings. Click on either the Default or Minor version to open the document.

When patients receive a document request from your practice and open the form, consent, or treatment plan, the experience will show a yellow disclaimer ribbon along the bottom of their screen, alerting patients that the form(s) screen will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity for additional privacy and security.

Clicking anywhere on the form restarts the timer back to the full 10 minutes. If the 10-minute timer runs out because the patient did not click/tap the form to keep the window active, the patient will have to reopen the form to complete it.

To meet HIPAA compliance requirements, the 10 minute timer cannot be extended.

Patients will checkmark any of the mandatory checkboxes and then electronically sign the document before clicking Submit.

To enable form validation and see which fields are required from patients to move forward to the next step, click on the red double checkmark icon in the lower right corner. Please note: Enabling form validation will require you to fill in the fields in order to move to the next page.

Manage Forms Notifications in the Inbox

After a patient has completed the requested paperwork, you will receive a notification in the Engagement Inbox. Filter notifications by clicking on the Forms filter in the left side navigation, then choose to show details, download, or preview the completed forms.

Archive notifications to keep your Inbox current by clicking on the checkbox in the upper right corner of the notification to move it to the Archived folder.

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