Voicemail drops are the quickest and easiest way to provide urgent information and personal messages to patients in the form of a Voicemail! To learn how to create and send Voicemail Drops, watch the following short video:

Purchasing Voicemail Drop Credits

Step By Step Instructions:

Voicemail Drop credits are required in order to use this feature. Each voicemail sent will require one credit. If voicemails are not delivered or if the patients voicemail box is full, you will not be charged for that credit. To learn how to purchase voicemail drops, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Access Settings

  2. Select the Billing tab

  3. Select your desired Voicemail Drop credit package. You can purchase them in bundles of 250, 500, and 1000 credits.

  4. If needed, you can also update the credit card information on this page.

πŸ’₯ To track the number of credits you have, access your Settings, then Services, and Quota Usage. πŸ’₯

Creating Voicemail Drops

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Practice Set Up and go to Voicemail Drops

  3. Voicemail message must be pre-recorded then imported into the Voicemail drop section by selecting Choose File

    1. You can record these using the Voice Memo app (Apple) or Voice Recorder app (Android) on your mobile device or computer

  4. Name your recording in the Sound Name field

  5. Select Add New Sound button to save audio to your Voicemail Drop library

  6. To listen, download or even delete an existing Voicemail Drop recording, click the name of the audio

Sending Voicemail Drops:

Step by Step Instructions:

Now that the audio has been added, you can send this in bulk or to individual patients using the Patients feature:

  1. Go to the Patients tab

  2. Access a list of patients then select patients to send a voicemail drop

  3. Click Bulk Actions

  4. Select Send a Voicemail

  5. Click an existing Voicemail File or add a new audio by selecting Choose File

  6. Choose when the Voicemail will be sent by selecting Send Now or Send at Specific Time

    1. If sending at a specific time, enter the Date and Time

  7. Click Send

    Need ideas?

    Refer to our Engagement [Modento] - Voicemail Drop Sample Scripts article to see our recommended Voicemail Drop audios:

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