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This article will include recommended scripts for Voicemail Drops.

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Voicemail Drops allow you to send specific messages to your patients in the form of a voicemail. You can convey important information without needing to call each patient individually. Here are some scripts to refer to as you decide which voicemails will be most valuable to share with patients:

Inclement Weather for Tomorrow (Doctor):

Hi this is Dr. _____ at [Dental Office Name], just calling to let you know we will be leaving a little early today due to the hazardous conditions outside. We plan to leave our houses early to make sure we make it on time tomorrow, hopefully the sand and the trucks are out overnight to help this along but as of right now we plan to operate as normal tomorrow. We will see you at your scheduled appointment time tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you then! Have a nice day.

Inclement Weather, Canceling the day (Doctor):

Hello this is Dr. _____ Calling from [Dental Office Name] calling due to the inclement weather today. Because we care about your safety and the safety of my staff, we are going to have to cancel your appointment. If you get any reminder texts regarding that appointment please disregard those as they are automated and automatic from being scheduled beforehand. We will definitely call you back within the next couple of business days to reschedule your appointment. Please stay safe and we will talk to you soon.

Unscheduled Treatment (Doctor):

Hi this is Dr. _____ at [Dental Office Name] calling regarding the treatment I recommended at your last visit. I was trying to call today to get that treatment scheduled so that we can get your teeth back in good health and try to make sure that things did not get worse moving forward. If you could give us a call back at [phone number] we’d be happy to get you scheduled today to work on that treatment with you or answer and questions you have. Thank you.

New Patient (Doctor):

Hi this is Dr. _____ calling from [Dental Office Name], I see that you’re scheduled for a new patient visit with us soon and I just wanted to call and welcome you to my practice. I also wanted to call and see if you had any questions or concerns prior to that appointment, sorry I missed you today. Be sure to be thinking of those questions or concerns and I will happily answer them for you during your visit coming and we look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you.

Post Op (Doctor):

Hey this is Dr. _____ from [Dental Office Name], just calling to check up on you after your dental work. No need to give us a call us back unless you’re having some kind of emergency in which case our office phone number is [phone number] otherwise I hope you’re feeling great and I hope to see you back very soon. Thanks, and have a great evening.

Post SRP (Hygienist):

Hello, this is _____ calling from [Dental Office Name], I just wanted to call and check on you after your therapy today. No need to call back unless you’re having an emergency, in which case the office number is [phone number]. Otherwise I hope you’re doing well and have a lovely rest of your evening.

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