Automated Check-In Requests will simplify the check in process for you and your patients by going mobile! Here is a short video going over enabling Automated Check-In Request Notifications:

Automated Check-In Request Notifications

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Settings

  2. Select Practice Setup

  3. Go to Appointment Communication

  4. Scroll to Check-In Request Notifications

  5. To enable Automated Check-In Notifications, select the Check Box

  6. Enter in the number of minutes before the appointment that you would like the notification to be sent

  7. Allow Check-In from Only the Mobile App or from Mobile App & Text/Email by selecting the coordinating Bubble

  8. To require QR-code scan to check in with the Mobile App, select the Check Box

  9. To allow the appointment status to automatically update to HERE/ARRIVED in your Practice Management Software upon check in through Modento, select the Check Box

  10. Select Save once settings are complete

The Check-In Request Notification message content can be customized by accessing your Verbiage feature in Modento. To learn how to do this, click here.

For more information about Automated Appointment Communication, refer to the following article:

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