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Performance Board: How to Run a Custom Production Report
Performance Board: How to Run a Custom Production Report

This article will go over the steps to run a custom production report on the Performance Board

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Production reports allow you to dig a little deeper into where your production is coming from. This visibility can assist in identifying areas of strength and areas that can be improved upon.

In these reports, you will be able to get specific with what you're looking for by applying filters to your production source data for selected date ranges. Follow the steps below to learn how.

How to Run a Production Report

  1. Access the Performance Board from the left side menu in Analytics

    Then, select the reports icon on the Production metric to begin building your report

  2. Here you can create custom reports with the following criteria:

    • Date Range

    • Report type

    • Provider Filter

    • Procedure filter

  3. Simply click into each option to apply filters according to the category, for example:

    Date Range: 01/01/2022 - 01/31/2022

    Report Type: Production by Procedure

    Provider Filter: Dr. Jon

    Note: You can select multiple providers

    Procedure Filter: Restorative category

    Note: You can select an entire category or individual and multiple ADA procedure codes

  4. Once you have applied the needed filters, click Generate

  5. This will populate with the report on the right hand side of your filters

  6. Hover over the chart to view additional data

  7. You can print and download this chart by selecting the Menu icon in the top right hand corner of this report if needed

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