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Analytics: Production Report
Analytics: Production Report

Learn more about the value of the Production Report and how to run it for your practice

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The Production Report allows you to better understand where your practice's production is coming from. This visibility can assist in identifying areas of strength and areas that can be improved upon. Within this report, you can drill-down into specific areas you'd like to review by applying filters to your production source data for selected date ranges. Read on below to learn more.

Why the Production Report is Valuable

Sometimes you're in need of unique data that is specific to particular providers or procedures in your practice. The Production Report available in Analytics allows you to filter results by the data you're in need of, and exclude the rest. View statistics by report type, provider, and/or procedure codes.

Accessing Your Report

Your Reports tab contains all the progress reports provided by Analytics. Hover over the Reports tab in the left-hand menu of your Analytics Dashboard, then select the Production Report.

You can also access the Production Report in the Performance Board. Learn more about running reports from the Performance Board here.

How to Run a Production Report

  1. Hover over the Reports tab in the left-hand menu of your Analytics Dashboard

  2. Click to select Production Report

  3. Select a date range. Important: Date ranges cannot be greater than 12 months. The greater the range – the more data we crunch. Please be patient while we generate your report.

  4. Click Reports to expand the list of available report type filters. Click on a report type to select.

  5. If desired, click Provider Filter to expand the list of available providers within your practice. If provider(s) are selected, the results will be filtered by the selected provider criteria.

  6. If desired, click Procedure Filter to expand the list of available procedure codes. If procedure(s) are selected, the results will be filtered by the selected procedure criteria.

  7. Click Generate to run the report

Note: If you do not see a reports tab, you have not been given access. Please reach out to an Admin team member in your practice.

Understanding the Production Report

Make incredible happen with the data you have! Hover over the columns in the generated report to view additional data.

Print and download the generated report by selecting the 3-dash Menu icon in the top right hand corner.

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