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Analytics: New Patients Report
Analytics: New Patients Report

Learn more about the value of the New Patients Report and how to run it for your practice

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The New Patients Report allows you to better understand where your practice's production is coming from. This visibility can assist in identifying areas of strength and areas that can be improved upon. Within this report, you can view new patients by a weekly or yearly timeframe.

Why the New Patients Report is Valuable

Without a consistent flow of new patients, your practice will begin to see a decline in production. The Active Patient size, Pre-Appointment and Hygiene Re-Appointment Percentages will determine the amount of New Patients a practice will need to schedule in order to maintain or grow the practice. Often times the number of New Patients required to achieve a healthy growth rate can be significantly reduced if the practice focuses on rescheduling existing patients immediately after they have completed their current appointment and recalling those that did not schedule.

Accessing Your Report

Your Reports tab contains all the progress reports provided by Analytics. Hover over the Reports tab in the left-hand menu of your Analytics Dashboard, then select the New Patients Report.

You can also access the New Patient Report in the Performance Board. Learn more about running reports from the Performance Board here.

How to Run a New Patients Report

  1. Hover over the Reports tab in the left-hand menu of your Analytics Dashboard

  2. Click to select New Patients Report

  3. Select a date range. Important: Date ranges cannot be greater than 12 months. The greater the range – the more data we crunch. Please be patient while we generate your report

  4. Click Reports to expand the list of available report type filters. Click on a report type to select

  5. Click Generate to run the report

  6. Print and download the generated report by selecting the 3-dash Menu icon in the top right hand corner

Note: If you do not see a reports tab, you have not been given access. Please reach out to an Admin team member in your practice.

Understanding the New Patients Report

Dental Intelligence Analytics considers New Patients as patients who have had a first completed visit in the practice. They are counted as a New Patient the first time an ADA code is walked out on their ledger.

Your Practice Management Software's definition of a New Patient might differ. The reports within your Practice Management Software may identify newly created Patient Profiles as "New Patients." Additionally, Dental Intelligence is unable to recognize Custom Codes. This can effect the final report. Learn more about the New Patients metric here.

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