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Learn more about the value of the Monthly Report available in Analytics and how to run it for your practice

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Dental Intelligence's dental practice analytics help you turn the information from your practice management system into clinical opportunities. Dentists who know how to implement changes in their office love the data that Dental Intelligence provides at their finger tips. Learn more about how the Monthly Report can quickly and easily identify opportunities that impact the future of your practice positively.

Why a Monthly Report is Valuable

Seeing your practice analytics is one thing, but being able to act on those analytics is another thing altogether. The Monthly Report available in Analytics provides greater insight into the overall performance of your practice and opportunities for continued growth. View statistics by collections, gross production, and patient activity.

Reviewing the Monthly Report is easy with automated report emails. To start receiving monthly report review emails, toggle on the option in the upper right corner of your Monthly Report page in Analytics.

Important note: Information shown in the Monthly Report that relates to Production is a measure of gross production. This setting cannot be changed.

Accessing Your Report

Your Reports tab contains all the progress reports provided by Analytics. Hover over the Reports tab in the left-hand menu of your Analytics Dashboard, then select the Monthly Report.

Note: If you do not see a reports tab, you have not been given access. Please reach out to an Admin team member in your practice.

Understanding the Monthly Report

The Monthly Report captures the following metrics during the selected month-long period (YTD):

Active Patients

The number of patients whose status in your practice management system is active and who have had a completed visit in the last 18 months

New Patients

Those who have their first completed visit at the practice (procedures billed out to them and on their ledger)

Patient Growth

New Patients + Recaptured Patients - Lost Patients = Patient Growth

Recaptured Patients

Any patients who have a completed visit at the practice after going 18 months without a visit or whose status in the practice management system is changed back to Active after it has been Inactive

Pre-Appointment %

The amount of Active Patients in your practice who have a future visit scheduled

Hyg Re-Appointment %

The amount of patients who came in for a hygiene visit that left the office scheduled for their next hygiene visit

How to Run a Monthly Report

  1. Hover over the Reports tab in the left-hand menu of your Analytics Dashboard

  2. Click to select Monthly Report

  3. The report view will default to the current month. Change the selected month by clicking on the blue Calendar button in the upper left corner

  4. Review the generated results

Note: Monthly Reports cannot be printed directly from within Analytics. To receive a printable version of this report, please toggle on the option to begin receiving automatically generated Monthly Report emails in the upper right corner of your Monthly Reports page.

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