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Analytics: Understanding the Monthly Report Review Email
Analytics: Understanding the Monthly Report Review Email

A breakdown of what is included in the Monthly Report review email and how to receive it

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Dental Intelligence works hard to make viewing your practice's performance easy. You can turn on Monthly Report review emails to get a quick look at last month's performance. To receive monthly emails, toggle on the option shown in the upper right corner of your Monthly Report page in Analytics.

This article will walk you through what the report review email includes.


The first part of the Monthly Review gives you an idea of what happened in your practice last month regarding all things Collections (everything there is pretty easy to understand): 


Next, you can review production from last month (Specialty includes all things Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Maxillofacial, Implants, and Orthodontics):

Patient Base

Lastly, you have some key info regarding your practice's patient base: 

Key Definitions

Active Patients

The number of patients whose status in your practice management system is active and who have had a completed visit in the last 18 months

New Patients

Those who have their first completed visit at the practice (procedures billed out to them and on their ledger)

Patient Growth

New Patients + Recaptured Patients - Lost Patients = Patient Growth

Recaptured Patients

Any patients who have a completed visit at the practice after going 18 months without a visit or whose status in the practice management system is changed back to Active after it has been Inactive

Pre-Appointment %

The amount of Active Patients in your practice who have a future visit scheduled

Hyg Re-Appointment %

The amount of patients who came in for a hygiene visit that left the office scheduled for their next hygiene visit

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