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Analytics DSO: Using the Patients Report
Analytics DSO: Using the Patients Report

This article explains how to track patients seen at the practice and how new patients are being found through marketing.

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These reports provide comprehensive information on patient demographics, including demographics of patients seen at the practice, and new patient acquisition efforts through marketing initiatives.

The Patients report will include the following:

Patients Summary Report​

Purpose: The Summary Report provides an analysis of the current state of patient business and retention, enabling you to identify opportunities to recapture lost patients.

Personas: COO/CFO/CEO/VPs, Office/regional managers, Marketing, Practice owner

New Patients Overview​

Purpose: The New Patients Overview Report provides a comprehensive review of new patient acquisition performance, including the source of patients, the value of patients per referral source, patient acquisition performance, and marketing analysis. This report is available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Personas: Marketing managers, Office/regional managers, CMO (marketing)

Market Details​

Purpose: The Marketing Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the sources of new patients and active patients, including referral source and geography. It also includes information on the top 10 referral sources, insurance sources, and employer sources, as well as the number of new patients by zip code. This report enables DSOs to gain valuable insights into the sources of their new patients, allowing them to make informed marketing decisions.

Personas: Marketing, COO/CEO/Practice owner, Director of operations, Office/regional manager

Patient Details

Purpose: The Patient Details Report provides a comprehensive list of patients for contact purposes and a breakdown of all active patients versus new patients. It allows you to view the list of active and new patients, and you can export the list of patients with their contact information for use in marketing campaigns and other activities. This report provides the ability to filter and view the total count of all or new patients who have been active (seen for a procedure) in the last 24, 18, or 12 months.

Personas: Marketing, COO, Director of operations, Office/regional manager

Patients Recaptured

Purpose: The Patients Recaptured report provides insights into the number and value of patients who have returned to the practice after a period of inactivity. It shows the specific actions that led to their return and the value generated per patient and per location. This report helps the DSO understand the reasons behind the return of inactive patients and the impact it has on the practice.

Personas: Marketing, COO, Director of operations, Office/regional manager

Patient Attrition

Purpose: The Patient Attrition Report allows dental practices to monitor and track patients who have become inactive. It provides insight into the number of patients, their value, and reasons for not returning to the practice in the last 18 months or more. The report also highlights the procedures performed during their last visit, which can help with identifying potential reasons for patients not returning.

Personas: Marketing, COO, Director of operations, Office/regional manager

Referral Analysis

Purpose: The Referral Analysis Report provides insights into the effectiveness of various referral sources in terms of new patient acquisition and value generated. It allows you to compare and contrast the performance of different referral sources, helping you determine which ones are driving the most business to your practice.

Personas: Marketing, COO, Director of operations, Office/regional manager

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