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Analytics DSO: Growth Platform Activity Reports
Analytics DSO: Growth Platform Activity Reports

This article shows you how to get a regular update on how well different locations are using Dental Intelligence Analytics.

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The Growth Platform Activity Report provides a monthly, quarterly, or yearly overview of the adoption and utilization of the investment in Dental Intelligence Analytics by different locations. The report helps to quickly assess the success of the investment and reinforce standard operating procedures. Additionally, the report helps to validate the return on investment and facilitate follow-up actions as necessary.

Within the Growth Platform Report, you will find:

Practice Data History​

Purpose: The Practice Data History Report helps you keep track of login information, morning huddle length, and what users do in the system. This report gives you a complete picture of what's been happening in the practice.

Roles: Office/Regional Managers & COO

Follow Ups

Purpose: The Follow-Ups Report enables tracking of the return on investment (ROI) of follow-up efforts. This report provides insights into the effectiveness of follow-up activities and enables informed decision-making to optimize performance and achieve desired outcomes.

Roles: Office/Regional Managers & COO

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