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Analytics DSO: Using the Procedure Analysis Report
Analytics DSO: Using the Procedure Analysis Report

This article will explain how to read reports about what was produced and it's worth to better understand the production process.

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These reports provide a comprehensive examination of production operations and their associated values, helping to facilitate a deeper understanding of the production process.

The Procedure Analysis report will include the following:

Treatment Completed​

Purpose: The Treatment Completed Report provides a summary of production output, organized by procedure code and procedure count, over a specified time period. This information helps to determine the procedure mix that contributes to the production of a Dental Service Organization (DSO) and identifies opportunities to prioritize various types of production.

Roles: COO, Director of operations, Office/regional manager

Treatment Presented​

Purpose: The Treatment Presented Report provides insights into the procedures being presented for dental diagnoses during exams, including the procedure mix and the potential revenue associated with each. This information is gathered from procedures that have been set to the "treatment plan" status in the practice management system, during the selected date range. This report is useful in identifying missed opportunities and evaluating the potential revenue of the practice.

Roles: COO, Director of operations, Office/regional manager

Treatment Presented/Accepted

Purpose: The "Treatment Presented/Accepted Report" provides insight into the efficiency of converting treatment plans into completed procedures for a Dental Service Organization (DSO). The report distinguishes between "treatment presented," which refers to procedures that have been planned for a patient in the practice management system, and "accepted treatment," which refers to treatment plans that have been changed to "completed" status in the practice management system. This report displays the dollar amount won or lost based on the effectiveness of case presentation and the success of scheduling follow-up appointments to complete the treatment.

Roles: COO/CFO, Director of operations, Office/regional manager

Procedure Mix​

Purpose: The Procedure Mix Report provides a visual representation of the mix of treatments that have been completed. This report serves as a helpful tool for analyzing production completed over a specified time period, as it provides a high-level overview of the procedures performed.

Roles: COO, Director of operations, Office/regional manager, CDO (chief dental officer)

Procedure Compliance

Purpose: The Procedure Compliance Report enables dental offices to monitor clinical compliance and ensure appropriate diagnoses and treatment plans for procedures. This report helps to maintain a balanced variety of procedures and to enforce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Standard of Care. The report can be generated on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis.

Roles: CDO (chief dental officer) & Clinical director

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