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Analytics Payments: Removing a Patient from a Payment Request Campaign
Analytics Payments: Removing a Patient from a Payment Request Campaign

This article discusses the steps to remove a patient from a Payments Campaign & includes information on the criteria to complete this action

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This article is about our Payments Solution through our Analytics Module. If you are looking for information regarding our Payments Solution the Engagement Module click here.

Analytics Payments allows you to send Payment Request Campaigns directly to the patients you choose. This A/R management tool will simplify the patient experience and save you tons of time and paper!

Patient Payment Request Removal Criteria

Once you have Payments set up and are sending payment requests to patients, these patients will appear in your Payments Requested List.

In this list you will see an Actions column on the far right. Some patients will have a 3 Dot Menu & some patients will not.

If there is a 3 Dot Menu next to the patient, this means the patient is still active in the Payments Campaign, and have yet to pay the balance. When they are in an active campaign they will receive the remainder of the messages that were established in the Collecting a Payment Workflow (see this article to learn more about the workflow).

If you click into this 3 dot menu, it will give you the Remove from Campaign button to remove the patient from the Payment Request Campaign. This means that we will stop sending the additional Payment Request messages.

Why do Some Patients Not Have the 3 Dot Menu Button?

If you do not see a 3 dot menu option next to the patient's information, they are no longer actively in the payments campaign. This means they have either already been removed from the campaign, they have completed a payment or received the final message in the campaign so they will not receive any more messages.

Remove a Patient from a Payment Request Campaign

  1. Access your Payments Dashboard

  2. Scroll to the Your Stats section

  3. Change the date range as needed by selecting the Calendar on the right

  4. Click into the Payments Requested list

  5. Find the patient in an active campaign that needs to be removed

  6. Select the 3 Dot Menu next to their information if it appears (if not, they are no longer in the campaign and have already received their final message)

  7. Click Remove from Campaign

  8. And you're done! This will stop sending the remaining follow up messages in the Bulk Payment Request Campaign to that patient

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