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Engagement: On Demand Webinar Library

Check out our on demand Engagement Webinars and get more in-depth answers to your burning questions

Written by Jolynn Marcum
Updated over a week ago

Check out our on demand Engagement Webinars! We will walk you through everything thing you need to know to help your practice thrive with your Engagement software.

Each webinar (20-30 mins) is available to watch anytime, anywhere so that you can choose the time that works best for you!

  • Setting up users

  • Customizing automated messaging verbiage

  • Templates

  • Practice info

  • Brief overview of appointment reminders

  • Recall reminders

  • Reviews

  • Setting up kiosks

  • How to navigate the Inbox

  • Accessing learning resources in the app

  • How to use LiveOps

  • Managing patients from the Patients dashboard

  • Messaging with Patient Chat

  • Email campaigns

  • Setting up a Loyalty Program

  • Patient Chat

  • LiveOps

  • Team Chat

  • How to activate the patient mobile app

  • Setting up patient loyalty program

  • How to redeem rewards

  • Sending a bulk app invitation

  • Other features of the mobile app

  • Registering kiosks

  • Sending forms to the kiosk

  • Consent forms

  • Adding placeholders to consents

  • Signing forms in the Engagement inbox

  • Health History Form and mapping

  • Automated communications

  • Sending forms to patients

  • Editing forms and consents

  • Creating a new consent form

  • Online Scheduling dashboards (Action Items, Performance, and Settings)

  • Creating appointment types

  • Custom scheduling links

  • Widgets

  • Blocklist

  • Navigating the Payments dashboard

  • Sending single/bulk payment requests

  • Using physical/virtual terminals

  • Saving a card on file

  • Posting transactions to the ledger

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