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Learn how to set up and start utilizing your Engagement subscription

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Managing your patient communications is finally as effective and simple as you’ve always wanted it to be with Engagement by Dental Intelligence. This modern, touchless solution prioritizes the patient experience so you can enjoy faster, more frequent responses and eliminate hundreds of hours of front desk work.

Click here to learn more about the key features of Engagement that we recommend you have set up within the first 14 days of your subscription activation.

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Before you dive into the set-up process, get familiar with the features and functions available in Engagement. Watch the short video below for a general overview of what to expect within Engagement:

Set Up Your Practice

Ready to start utilizing Engagement? Watch this short video for more instructions about how to get Engagement all set up and working for your practice:

User Permissions

Access to Engagement features are limited by permission level. This way, your team has access to the features they need and features they don't need are hidden from view or certain actions are restricted. You can set up user permissions when creating users or make permissions changes to existing users at any time.

Click here to learn more about setting user permissions.

Add Practice Information

Before you can begin implementing all of the efficient and insightful features that Engagement has to offer, you'll need to enter general practice information like your logo, office hours, add team members, and set up any check-in tablets or kiosks. For instructions on these processes, visit the resources linked below:

Patient Communication Options

Communicating with your patients is an element of your practice that takes time and consistency. Engagement makes it easy to stay on top of patient communication with a variety of automated options. Learn more about communicating with your patients in Engagement by visiting the resources linked below:

Customize Automated Patient Interactions

Customizing your patient messages and verbiage is critical in maintaining relationships with your patients and communicating objectives clearly. Engagement offers a multitude of options that allow you to tailor messages, emails, newsletters and more. Learn more in the articles linked below:

Manage Patient Forms, Consents & Treatment Plans

Maintaining patient records and paperwork in an organized digital system can help you save time and resources when it comes to helping your patients fill out necessary forms and consents, or understanding treatment plans. Learn more about managing patient files in the articles linked below:

Utilize Patient Loyalty Programs

Keep patients coming back regularly with a loyalty program! Using the Modento Mobile App and Rewards Dashboard in Engagement, you can track earned points, redeem patient points, and send rewards to your patients. Learn more about setting up a loyalty program by visiting the resources linked below:

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