After you have enabled the Mobile App and Loyalty Program, your patients can start earning Loyalty Points by continuing to use their Modento Mobile App! Once they have collected enough loyalty points they can redeem their loyalty points for rewards.

For more information regarding the Mobile app and Loyalty points, refer to the following article:

When patients have built up their points and would like to redeem a reward they will be able to select the gift in the app and view a Redemption Code. This code will then be provided to you in office where you will enter it into the Rewards tab in Engagement [Modento].

Patient Experience:

Redemption Process

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. When patients redeem points on the Engagement [Modento] app, you will receive a notification in the inbox.

  2. When the patient comes in to redeem the reward, access the Rewards tab in Modento.

  3. Enter in the Reward Code provided by the patient.

  4. Select Submit

  5. Here you will be able to Confirm the Reward or Cancel

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