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Modento Patient Mobile App
Modento Patient Mobile App: Set Up
Modento Patient Mobile App: Set Up

This article will include information about the Modento patient mobile app and Loyalty Program.

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The Modento Mobile App is an app patients use as a platform for communication that helps you to simplify and incentivize their experience. In the app, patients can build & redeem points through our Loyalty Program, communicate with your team, complete forms & consents and more! Here is a short video discussing these features:

Enable the Mobile App

  1. Access Settings

  2. Go to Practice Setup

  3. Click Mobile App / Loyalty

  4. Select Check Box next to Mobile App

  5. Click Save

Loyalty Program Prize Ideas

We have compiled a document of prize ideas that your patients can earn through the Loyalty Program. We recommend using a 10:1 ratio, 10 points per $1 to calculate the desired points necessary to redeem points for prizes

How to Turn Off the Loyalty Program

If you would like your patients to utilize the ModentoGo app without having visibility to a loyalty program, you will want to ensure the loyalty points are disabled in your Engagement settings.

  1. Access Settings

  2. Go to Practice Setup, then Mobile App/Loyalty Program

  3. Click on Edit Rewarded Actions

  4. Uncheck each box in the Enabled column

    1. Note: The 'Welcome' rewarded action is enabled by default. You can manually reduce the number of points to reflect '1'.

  5. Click Save at the bottom of this page

  6. To ensure that automated messages don't include any verbiage about a rewards/loyalty program, navigate to the Verbiage tab.

  7. Edit the Patient Self Check-in and Mobile Application Invite messages

Patient View of Mobile App Download

Once you have enabled the Mobile App, Patients can download the Modento App by accessing the App Store or Play Store and searching Modento



Identifying Which Patients Use the Mobile App

  1. Access the Patients Tab

  2. Select the Filter drop down menu

  3. Select the App User option

  4. Click the desired option

    1. All: all patients will show regardless of if they have the mobile app

    2. Yes: patients who have the mobile app

    3. Yes - push ON: patients who have the mobile app and have enabled push notifications

    4. Yes - push OFF: patients who have the mobile app and have disabled push notifications

    5. No: patients who do not have the mobile app

  5. Apply additional filters as needed, refer to this article to learn how

Sharing Mobile App Link

You can access a shareable link for patients to download the application through the following process.

  1. Access the Engagement [Modento] Settings

  2. Select Services

  3. Click into Resources

  4. Select the Copy Icon next to the Mobile App URL

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