Adding users to your Modento will allow your team to log in and access the communication tools that Modento has to offer. Here is a short video that will include the steps to add a user:

Add User Instructions

Permissions Key

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Settings

  2. Go to Users

  3. Select Add User button

  4. Fill out fields:

    1. Enter in Name

    2. Create a Log In with email or username

    3. Select PMS Provider ID if applicable

      1. Not all users will be listed as PMS providers, in most cases PMS providers only exist for team members who manage a column or provide a service for billing purposes. ie: Doctors and Hygienists. This field CAN be left blank

    4. Screen Pop Extension

      1. If using our Screen pop feature, you can opt specific extensions in/out of the caller ID notifications by adding their extension here, or adding a * to allow all extensions listed to ring to this users profile when logged in

    5. Then select the Role of the team member

      1. Position role helps Modento route forms to a specific team members inbox to allow a co-signature

      2. Can sign forms must be checked below in order for this functionality to activate properly

    6. Finally, select the needed Permissions (see Permissions Key below)

  5. Click Save User

Permissions Key



Show in the app

This team members profile will be public within the Mobile App


An Admin user is able to make changes to the practice setup/configuration, establish/change/delete user accounts and has access to the billing page

Chat User

A chat user will have the ability to communicate with patients by sending messages/forms as well as using team chat to communicate with other team members assigned to your

Default Doctor

Default Doctor will populate this users name within forms/consents where indicated. (If your practice has 2+ doctors, you can establish a user account with both doctors names, and mark that profile as the default doctor to ensure both names populate on patient forms. This users profile photo and name will also display on the online review request to patients)

Can Sign Forms

Allows a team member or provider to sign in conjunction with a patient on specific forms or consents

For instructions on editing or deleting existing users in Modento, refer to the following article:

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