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This article will discuss manual and automatic review requests sent through Engagement [Modento]
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Enagagement [Modento] gives you the ability to send Online Review Requests to patients through a manual or automatic process. Refer to the steps below to learn how to gather reviews through Engagement [Modento]. In this article, you will learn:

Here is a short video that walks you through how to use this feature:

Engagement will automatically pull through your existing review sites when your dashboard is initially set up. These will be entered into the Engagement Settings in the Practice Setup, Practice Info section. If you do not see your review sites listed here you can add it in one of the fields below:

Once these review sites are added, you can start by setting up your Review preferences to automatic, manual or with a Swell Integration. You can do this through the following steps:

How to Enable Automatic or Manual Reviews

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Access the Settings, go to Practice Setup and click into Reviews

  2. Select the Bubble next to Manual or Automatic

    1. Manual will require you to send them individually or in bulk to specific patients that you choose

    2. Automatic will enable Engagement [Modento] to automatically send the review request depending on the timing selected:

      • 30 min after an appointment is completed

      • Between 6-7pm on the same day as the completed appointment

    3. If you use Swell as a Review Service, we are able to integrate to access the reviews within Modento, refer to this article to learn how

  3. For both Automatic and Manual reviews you can select which Review Sites will be included in the modento review link. Simply select or deselect the Check Box

  4. The Allow patient to share negative feedback with the practice option will enable an additional field in the review link where patients can click to share negative feedback that will be sent directly back to the practice in the form on an Inbox notification. This field will only apply if you have 2 Or More review sites set up. Patients are still able to go to the review sites to leave a negative review

    Patient View

  5. You are then able to select to send these reviews as a Text or Email by selecting the correlating button

  6. Click Save when you are done. This will go live with the reviews if you have selected the Automatic option. Be sure to go through the Verbiage section and update the Review message content as desired. To learn more about how to do this refer to this article

Automatic Reviews

  1. When Enabling Automatic Reviews, you can choose the Messaging Time. This will either be 30 minutes after the patient's completed appointment or Between 6-7pm of the same day as the completed appointment

  2. Follow the same steps as listed in the Enabling Reviews section once you have chosen which Messaging Time is best for you

Sending Manual Reviews

Manual reviews can be sent in Bulk or Individually. Follow these steps to learn how!

Bulk Review Requests

  1. Access the Patients tab

  2. Filter this list as needed to identify which patients you would like to send the review request to

  3. Once you have compiled the list, select the check box next to the desired patients

  4. Click the Bulk Actions drop down menu in the top left hand corner

  5. Here you will be able to select the Send an Online Review Request option

  6. Click the Preferred Delivery Method (Text or Email)

    1. If the patient does not have contact information for the option you have selected, Modento will send the message to whichever is available or whichever their personal preference is set as in their Communication Settings

  7. Click Send

Individual Review Requests

  1. Select the Patient's three dot menu anywhere within the Engagement [Modento] dashboard

  2. Hover over Communications

  3. Click the Send an Online Review Request option

  4. Choose the Preferred Delivery Method

  5. Click Send

Reward Loyalty Points to Patients that Leave a Review

Note: This is only for Patients that use the Modento Loyalty App. In order for the patient to be awarded points for a review request, the patient must click on one of the links provided to determine which platform the review will appear on, then leave a rating and/or comment.

In your Engagement Inbox, a notification will appear that says "Patient has started an online review on Facebook/Google/etc". From there, confirm that the patient completed the review on the site, and then click Approve on the inbox notification to award the points. If the patient did not actually leave a review, it can be ignored.

How do I Stop a Review Request from Going Out to a Specific Patient?

Automatic & Manual Review Requests will Not be sent to patients who opt out of modento notifications. You can also manually choose which patients to opt out of receiving review requests in the Patient Communication Settings

  1. Access the three dot menu next to the patient's initials

  2. Hover over the Settings option

  3. Click Communication Settings

  4. From here select the check box option for Review requests opt-out (automated and manual).

    1. Note: If you have the Swell integration, this will also opt them out of any review requests from Swell.

  5. Click Save

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