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LocalMed: Adding Intake Forms

Learn how to add intake forms to the LocalMed Online Scheduling process

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Using LocalMed, you are able to add patient intake forms to be completed after a patient schedules online. Refer to the following steps to learn how to add this to your LocalMed service!

How to Add Intake Forms

  1. Log into your LocalMed dashboard at

  2. Go to the Practice Overview dashboard

  3. Select Edit in the top right corner of the Practice Info box

  4. Paste the link into Intake Form URL field

  5. Click Save Changes

Note for Engagement users: If you subscribe to Engagement by Dental Intelligence, there is no need to add any link to the Intake Form field. If you have your “Welcome” and/or “Save the Date” messages enabled in your Engagement dashboard, your patients will automatically receive a text or email containing a link to your patient paperwork. This message will be delivered automatically within ten minutes of the patient scheduling their appointment.

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