In Engagement's Online Scheduling, you will now be able to create Custom Scheduling Links. Doing this will enable you and your team to send individual scheduling links for specific service types, allowing more control over what each patient is able to schedule.

Refer to the following article to learn how to set up Custom Scheduling Links and send Invitations to Schedule

How to Create Custom Scheduling Links

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access Settings in your online scheduling tab

  2. Select Custom Scheduling Links

  3. Then, click Create Link

  4. This will require the following fields to be filled:

    1. Select the Offices that this appointment type can be scheduled with. If you do not have multiple offices simply select your singular office.

      1. Please note, you cannot create custom scheduling links until practice level service types are created. Learn more here.

    2. Select the Service Types you would like to enable to be scheduled with this link (multiple can be selected)

      1. Here is where you can select the Group Service Types you have created through this process

    3. Select the Providers that will be scheduled for these appointments.

    4. Enter in a customized URL Name. We recommend this be related to the service types selected.

  5. Click Create

Now that you have created your Custom Scheduling Links you can send these to individual patients, add these links to your templates or even add the links to buttons on your website. Simply click the Copy icon next to the custom URL name:

If you are a part of a DSO or are a multiple location practice, refer to our Group-Level Services article to learn how to match and connect your service types:

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