Have you noticed that your Production Adjustments/Write Offs are showing dates outside of the selected date range in your Performance Board - Adjustments/Write Offs metric details?

This happens when your Production Settings are set to Procedure Date. This means that any Adjustment / Write Off that occurs for a procedure during the selected time frame will show up in the metric details. To view these settings follow the steps below.

How to Change Production Settings

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Go to your Settings by hovering over your initials in the bottom left hand corner

  2. Access the General Settings

  3. Click into Production Settings


A filling is performed on 5/12.

With the Procedure Date setting selected, if an Adjustment were made on the ledger on 7/2, the adjustment would show up on the source details list of May adjustments because this was made to a procedure performed in the time frame selected.

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