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Engagement: Resubscribe a Patient that Opted Out of Text Messages
Engagement: Resubscribe a Patient that Opted Out of Text Messages

Learn how to update communication preferences for a patient who has opted out of receiving text messages

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When a patient responds STOP to a text message sent through Engagement, the patient's phone company then blocks any further communication from that number and effectively unsubscribes the patient from receiving messages from Engagement. In order to reverse this, the patient will need to reply to the number again with UNSTOP. This will unblock your Engagement texting number. Once that has been accomplished, the patient's communication settings in Engagement will need to be updated.

Follow along below to opt your patient back in to receive text messages!

Opt Patients Back In to Receive Text Messages

  1. Have the patient reply with UNSTOP or Unstop via text message to the Engagement message they received

  2. Next, click on the patient name to open the patient card in Engagement

  3. Click on the Settings gear in the patient card

  4. Click on Communication preferences

  5. Deselect the Text messages opt-out option

  6. Click Save to apply your changes

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