PCI compliance is an important issue for dental practices that process patient payments, as it helps to ensure the secure handling and storage of sensitive payment information. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards that your office must agree to in order to process, store or transmit credit card information. This is in order to protect this sensitive data from fraud and breaches. Non-compliance can result in unwanted fines and reputation damage to the practice, which could lead to lost customers and revenue.

How to Become PCI Compliant

Step By Step Instructions:

First, call the PCI Help Desk (855) 864 – 1732 and select Option 1 “PCI Questionnaire”
Please note that the representative will ask for the Merchant ID, DBA Name, Business Address, and the Federal Tax ID.

  1. Login to Merchant Home here.

  2. PCI Status Appears under Today’s Stats from the Home view

  3. Click the arrow located in the bottom right of the PCI to take action

  4. Click Get Started

  5. Complete all steps through Sign and Attest

    1. If a signature has not been submitted, the message below appears:

  6. Once complete, a final screen verifying compliance appears

To learn more about how to apply to Clearent, refer to the following article:

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