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Engagement: Posting Payments to the Ledger
Engagement: Posting Payments to the Ledger
This article will explain how to associate payments made to the ledger in your practice management software ledger.
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Once a patient has completed a payment, you can manually associate the transaction in your practice management software. This is in place to ensure that all payments are being recorded correctly.

To associate a transaction, follow the steps listed below.

How to Post Payment Transactions to the Ledger

  1. Access the Payments Tab

  2. Select the Transactions tab

  3. When you access the ledger, you will come across two types of transactions: associated and unassociated. Associated indicates that the transaction has been updated in your practice management software, while Unassociated means it has not.

  4. Select the Actions button

  5. Once you have recorded the payment in your practice management software, select 'Mark as Associated'

  • Note: If you are using OpenDental or Eaglesoft, you have the option to select "Post to Ledger," which will automatically associate the transaction. This streamlines the process for you.

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