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Engagement DSO: Copy Organization Settings Across Multiple Locations
Engagement DSO: Copy Organization Settings Across Multiple Locations

Learn how to quickly copy settings from one practice to another in just a few clicks

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Streamline the set-up process of multiple locations in Engagement using the Organization Setup feature to copy settings across multiple practices.

You can copy the following features from one practice to another:

  • Verbiage, all messaging types

  • Forms, all forms

  • Consents, all templates

  • Automated Communication Settings (doesn’t enable the communication)

  • Online Scheduling Services, all service types (does not include providers/operatories)

📌 IMPORTANT: Before copying settings, ensure that you have chosen the correct practice and made the correct selections. Once settings have been copied over, all previous practice settings will be deleted and replaced so please proceed carefully.

Prior to copying settings from one practice to another, we recommend reviewing all content you'd like to copy and ensure that the proper placeholders are being used so that verbiage, forms, consents, and service types can be seamlessly implemented at the new location.

Copy Practice Settings to Another Location

If you are unable to access Settings or make changes, you have not been granted permission in your user profile. Contact an admin team member in your practice to enable access. Click here to learn how to update user permissions.

To copy settings from the currently selected practice, please do the following:

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner of Engagement

  2. Click on the Organization Setup tab, then click on the Copy button

  3. Select the practice(s) you would like to copy settings over to

  4. Choose the features you would like to copy

  5. Click the blue Copy button to copy the selected features to the selected practice(s)

  6. Once you've copied the features, use the location switcher to change the currently selected practice and view your copied settings

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