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Engagement DSO: Multiple Location Features
Engagement DSO: Multiple Location Features

Learn about the features that are available in Engagement for groups with multiple locations

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Multiple Practice Groups with Engagement have the ability to switch between dashboards and chat with team members from different locations. This applies to groups with multiple practices, as well as Dentrix Enterprise and Open Dental Clinics accounts.

In this article, we'll review:

Switch Between Locations

Users are able to change locations if the location is on the list of authorized locations in the user's settings.

  1. Click the Practice Drop Down Menu in the top right hand corner of the Engagement Dashboard

  2. Search for or Select the location you would like to switch to:

    This will only be available for Users that have the "Allow Access to Other Practices" enabled in the User Settings and are authorized access to the location. When adding or editing a user the Group Admin team member can select which locations are accessible. To learn more about this, click here.

Note: Only Group Admin users will be able to adjust these user settings. In order to get this enabled, contact our support team.

Patients Dashboard: Set Default Filters for Each Location

In the Patients dashboard, you can set a unique default filter for each location that you have access to. Just click on the Filters Library to choose a filter:

Then, select your desired filter and click Set as Default to apply it. Each time you access the Patients dashboard, the default filter you have set for that location will be automatically applied. You can change default filters at any time by choosing a different one!

Team Chat

Team chat allows team members to search for other users from other associated locations and start individual or group conversations with them. By default only users from a given practice are visible on the list of contacts but if you search for an exact name you can reach out to anyone within a group.

This does require the user to have access to the team chat in the User Settings. Click here to learn more about adding users & user permissions

Messaging Team Members at Another Location

  1. Click on the Team Chat button

  2. Click the Create a New Message button

  3. Search for the team member

To learn more about Team Chat, click here.

Electronic Signatures

If you are a signing user that has access to multiple practice locations in Engagement, you can save a default signature to electronically sign forms from any practice location.

Note: Access to this feature is restricted to end users that have multi-location and forms signing permissions.

  1. To add a default signature, first navigate to the Inbox on the left side menu of Engagement. Filter the patients list by clicking on the Forms filter type.

  2. Click Sign Document on a patient that has an outstanding form that requires a signature.

  3. Add your electronic signature to sign the form. If this is your first time signing forms, click the checkbox to Save as Default Signature. This will save and populate your signature the next time you need to sign a form. If you already have a default signature saved, you will see the You are using your default signature verbiage.

Click here to learn more about signing forms.

Track Email Campaigns

If you manage Email Campaigns across multiple practice locations within Engagement, you can filter campaigns by Recipients.

First, access the Email Campaigns tab from the left side menu in Engagement.

Then, click on the Practices column and click the checkbox next to each practice location to filter campaign results by location.

Click here to learn more about creating Email Campaigns in Engagement.

Engagement Online Scheduling

Performance Dashboard

Scheduled appointments in the Performance Dashboard show statistics on new and returning patients from the date range you have selected. The Performance Dashboard allows you to view scheduled appointments for both new and returning patients, providing a clear picture of patient demand, which can inform staffing and scheduling decisions.

As a multi-location practice, you can select multiple locations to view this data for each office. To view scheduled appointment stats:

  1. Access the Online Scheduling Performance Dashboard from the left side menu in Engagement

  2. From the location dropdown on the right side of the page, select the available practices

  3. The graph will update to reflect multiple locations and show the corresponding data in totals at the top of the graph

  4. Hover over the color block sections in each column to see how many appointment types are attributed to each location

Please note that data on the Performance Dashboard can take up to an hour to reflect any changes.

Click here to learn more about the Online Scheduling Performance Dashboard.

Online Scheduling (Dentrix Enterprise & Open Dental Clinics Users)

Dentrix Enterprise and Open Dental Clinics users can offer patients the ability to schedule services online with providers from multiple locations. When setting up a new or existing practice-level service, select the providers that you would like patients to be able to schedule with:

During the online scheduling experience when a patient selects an appointment time with a provider, the practice location and address details are provided to avoid confusion.

In addition to being able to view providers from multiple locations in Online Scheduling, you'll also see them throughout these additional Engagement dashboards:

  • LiveOps dashboard

  • Patients dashboard

  • Action Items dashboard

If you'd like, you can also choose to allow double booking for any practice-level service type. For example: If the doctor was scheduled from 10:00am-11:00am in Operatory 1 but was assigned to Operatory 2, this selection allows the doctor to be booked in Operatory 2 as well.

Click here to learn how to set up a practice-level service for Engagement online scheduling.

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