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This article will discuss what data is tracked in the Visits Metric found in the Analytics Performance Board.

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Patient Visits is one of the baseline metrics. In order to consistently maintain and grow, monitoring the number of patients that are seen and will be seen in your practice for a specified period of time is critical to your success.

Note: This metric is calculated retroactively, meaning that Dental Intelligence uses historical data in order to determine the current outcomes.

Watch this short video for a walkthrough of how to use this metric:

Visits Metric

Data Review Tools

  1. Click on the bar icon to view year over year and 90 day trends for your practice.

  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon to view the details of the source data included in this metric.

  3. Click on the information icon for detailed definitions and written explanation about each metric.

Included Data Points

This metric includes the following data points:

  • The Bar Chart shows the Scheduled Visits, Incomplete Visits, and Completed Visits.

  • Total visits display all visit types

  • Restorative visits display visits specific to doctor production, including all Restorative and Specialty Procedures codes with the exception of D4341, D4342 and D4910.

  • Hygiene visits display visits specific to hygiene production. Its important to understand that this does not require the visit to be scheduled with a hygienist. These visits are identified by the ADA Procedure Codes D1110, D1120, D4341, D4342 and D4910.

  • Uncategorized visits are visits that have been scheduled without an ADA Procedure Code, and visits with only Adjunctive Non-Clinical Procedures and or Non-ADA Recognized Procedures. Dental Intelligence uses the CDT/ADA updated Procedure Codes

  • Data Trends

  • Metric Details

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