Performance Board: Hygiene Visits

Why are there so many different Visits numbers on the Performance Board?

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The Performance Board contains a wealth of information that is designed to help you understand what is going on in your practice at a glance.

Several of the numbers on the Performance Board rely on the number of visits, or appointments, your practice completes during the given time range. You may notice that some of these visit numbers do not always seem to match up with each other. Why would these numbers not match? This short article will help you understand what causes this behavior.

If you want to see visits or Production Per Visit per Provider, then please go to the Provider Pulse.

Categorizing Visit Types

Dental Intelligence categorizes all Visits into 3 types based on ADA codes:

  1. Restorative Visit

  2. Hygiene Visit (The following ADA Codes are categorized as a Hygiene Visit: D1110 or D1120 [Prophy]; D4341, D4342, or D4910 [Perio])

  3. Uncategorized Visit

Note: if a dentist completes a D1110, then that visit is a hygiene visit.

Hygiene Visits can be found on 3 major metrics:

  • Appointments Metric, click here to learn more about Appointments

  • Hygiene Re-Appointment Metric, click here to learn more about Hygiene Re-Appointment

  • Hygiene Case Metric, click here to learn more about Hygiene Case

Appointments Metric

This metric captures the appointment blocks on your schedule: Scheduled, Completed, and Broken.

When you hover over the Appointments bar graph, you will see the Incomplete score. Incomplete is the difference between scheduled and completed appointments.

What if an Appointment has both Restorative and Hygiene codes?

Within the source data, Dental Intelligence will classify the Appointments as "Restorative and Hygiene." In that case (1) total appointments is also (1) restorative appointment and (1) hygiene appointments. When this happens, adding Restorative + Hygiene + Uncategorized appointment will be more than Total appointments.

Hygiene Re-Appointment Metric

The Hygiene Appointment number in the Appointment Metric should be the same as the Hygiene Visits in the Hygiene Re-Appointment Metric, located at the bottom-left of the Performance Board. This means that if patients were scheduled for Hygiene, but the visit was not completed, broken, or deleted, they will still count against your Hygiene Re-Appointment.

Hygiene Case Metric

The purpose of the Hygiene Case metric is to see how many of your patients who are in for hygiene are accepting Hygiene ADA codes presented to them. The first number that is needed for this metric is the number of patients that were seen for hygiene.

Hygiene Case Visits are different than the other Visit numbers on the Performance Board. This number looks at the number of patients who meet the following criteria:

  1. Have Hygiene ADA codes posted to their ledger

  2. The total dollar amount from Hygiene codes on their ledger is greater than the total dollar amount from Restorative codes.

The most common reasons why we see this number being different than the other two is:

  • The hygiene appointment for whatever reason will not be walked out or manually completed in your Practice Management System. Dental Intelligence calls these appointments “Completed (Unknown)” in the Visits source data.

  • The hygiene appointment is completed, and the ledger has more completed ADA restorative dollars than ADA hygiene dollars.

  • A patient has Hygiene codes attached to their ledger, but never had an official "Appointment" created in the Practice Management System.

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