Syncing is a simple process that Dental Intelligence uses to get the data from your practice management software. We do this once a day, usually at the middle of the night so we don't miss anything from the previous day. This is a vital step to the set up with using anything Dental Intel related, as it allows us to have up to date and accurate information to help your practice grow. 

To get started syncing with Dental Intel, you will need access to the server in your practice. Once you have logged on to your server, navigate to and click on the leftmost link, Dental Intelligence CloudSync. Once the file finishes downloading, click on it and click Next through the installer wizard. The program should install and run. You should eventually see a screen that looks like this:

This screen is asking for your Dental Intel sync credentials. You should have recieved these credentials in an email when you signed up for Dental Intelligence. If not, no worries! Simply message in to our support department or call 801-717-2777 ex. 4 and we will be happy to provide these for you. Once entered, click Sign In, you should see this:

For this screen, choose which Practice Management System you are using. We currently support Eaglesoft, Open Dental, and Dentrix. Agree to the Terms of Service, and click Next. The final screen should look something like this: 

Note, Dentrix users, you may have to input a Dentrix User ID and Password for an administrator in Dentrix to proceed.
Once these three bars complete, the program will auto-close in 30 seconds. Congratulations! You have connected your Practice Management Software to Dental Intel. Instructions on how to proceed will come from either your coach or your Account Executive. 

Once again, if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support department through our chat or the number 801-717-2777 ex. 4.

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