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Analytics: How to Identify Treatment Priority
Analytics: How to Identify Treatment Priority

Where do Treatment Priorities come from, and how can I edit them?

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On the Stats page of every Patient Card you will see a section called Treatment Plan. When you click on the Treatment plan you can see all Treatment sitting in the Patient’s Treatment Planner also found in the Practice Management Software. Each Practice Management Software has its own unique way of allowing the practice to prioritize the patient’s treatment needs. We read these unique methods and display this priority on each procedure. If the priority is not identified its very likely that it has not been established in the Practice Management Software.

Below is clarification around how we determine priority for each Practice Management Software.

Open Dental:

Open Dental uses the concept “Treat Plan Priorities” which determine the priority options available to assign directly Procedures found in the Patient’s Treatment Plan. The practice users can assign a priority to a procedure as well as set the order of priorities. These priorities can have a text color which we currently are NOT using but looking into this for future development. We do however display the priority number.


Eaglesoft uses the concept of “Phase Numbers”. Similar to Open Dental, when the user enters a procedure in the Patient’s Treatment Plan, the user has the ability to identify the Phase Number. They can have multiple procedures with the same Phase Number. We display this Phase Number as the priority.


Fuse uses the concept of "Stages". This is similar to Eaglesoft as multiple services can be added to specific stages and adjusted as necessary. We display this Stage number as the priority.


Dentrix uses two concepts related to priority. They use what is known as “Case Severity” which identifies if the case is an “Immediate, Eventual or Optional”. While this could be useful information, few practices use this option. It also applies the “Severity” to all procedures within the Treatment Plan and cannot be separated by procedures within the TP. Dentrix also has what is called "Treatment Plan Procedures to Visits" This allows the user to assign the procedures found in the Patient’s Treatment Plan an appointment number. Meaning they can identify if a procedure should be performed on the first appointment, second appointment and so forth. We display the appointment assignment as the priority and will no longer be using Case Severity to identify the Priority.

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