In addition to the pre-set multi-codes, you can add multi-codes to meet your specific needs.

To add a multi-code:
1. In
the Maintenance menu in the Office Manager, point to Practice Setup, and then click Multi-Code Setup.
- The Multi-Code Setup dialog box appears.

2. Click New.

- The Multi-Code Editor dialog box appears.

3. Do the following:
· Description - Type a description of up to 31 characters for the multi-code that you are adding.
· Multi-Code - Type three alphanumeric characters to represent the code that you are adding.
· Abbrev. Desc. - Type an abbreviated description of up to nine characters.
· Appointment Type - Select an appropriate appointment type from the list. (This usually comes in to play
during Perfect Day Scheduling so do mess with this setting unless the office instructs you to.)

4. Set the Procedure time length required to complete this group of procedures.

5. Click Add.

The Add Code dialog box appears.

6. Select ADA Code or Dental Diagnostic Code (DDC will be rarely used).

7. Do one of the following:
· Type the ADA code or dental diagnostic code
· Click the corresponding search button, select the appropriate code from the list, and click OK.

Note: Depending on the procedure code you selected, a group box appears allowing you to select the surfaces, quadrant, or sextant appropriate to the procedure code. Dentrix flags multi-codes consisting of one or more procedures that require additional treatment information, such as a tooth number, with an asterisk (*) in the Procedure Codes List. You must supply this additional information before you can post a multi-code.

8. Click OK to save your changes, and as necessary, repeat steps 5 through 8 to complete adding procedure codes.

9. When you have finished adding procedure codes, click OK to close the Multi-Code Editor dialog box and save the multi-code you created.

Dentrix adds the multi-code to your database.

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