The Patient Finder is a powerful tool that can help you find which patients you need to follow-up with. Mass creating follow-ups from a Patient Finder list can help you reach out to the perfect patients to fill your schedule!

How to Create Bulk Follow Ups from a Patient Finder List

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First click on and open the desired Patient Finder List

  2. Select all or some of the patients you would like to mass create Follow Ups for by clicking the Top Left Check Box or the Individual Check Boxes next to the patient names

  3. In the upper right hand corner click Actions

  4. Click the Add Follow Up option

  5. From there select the Follow Up Type from the drop down menu

  6. Then either select Unassigned or choose Specific Providers to select a team member to assign it to. Note: Multiple team members can be selected, follow ups will be evenly distributed in a round robin assignment

  7. Click Save in the bottom right corner to complete

Note: If a patient on this list already has a Follow Up of a type, it will not generate a new one of that same type. The number of patients on the list will likely be greater than the number of patients on the Follow Ups because of this.

To check and see if a patient already has a Follow Up you can open their Patient Card from anywhere in Dental Intelligence by clicking on their name, searching for them in the top right hand search bar, or you can access the Open Follow Ups list. You may need to adjust the date range of the Follow Ups list, as it defaults to only show Follow Ups that are due today. The Follow Up will show under the Tasks tab

For more information regarding Follow Ups, refer to this article:

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