You may hear or see the term Source Data when navigating between dashboards or watching educational videos in Dental Intelligence. Source Data is used to create the graphs, metrics, and charts throughout the website. Looking at the underlying source data is very helpful when you are needing to drill down on why a number has been calculated the way it has.

How to Access Source Data

Step by Step Instructions:

Below, we will walk through an example of finding source data for Production in the Performance Board

  1. First, go to the Performance board and find the Production KPI

  2. Next click the hamburger icon on the top right of the Production KPI and click Source Data

  3. You will now see the data behind for the KPI that was generated. This source data should look similar to the image below

Most metrics on the Performance Board and Collections Board feature Source Data that can be exported.

Source Data shows what information is being used to calculate the numbers for a KPI, this often includes patient names, procedure codes, and other data. The Source Data lists also have the ability to be exported as .csv document to be opened in Excel, to do this first open up a Source Data list.

How to Export Source Data

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. You can open the Source Data by clicking the icon in the top right of the metric and then selecting Source Data

  2. Then export the list by clicking the button in the top right of the Source Data.
    Depending on the metric you have selected this button will either say Export CSV or Actions

  3. Then depending on the Metric, you can select what data you would like to export, for example you can choose from the different productions categories:

    Hygiene: D1XXX & Perio codes D4XXX
    Restorative: Exam codes and imaging D01XX and everything D2XXX-D3XXX, D5XXX-D8XXX
    Uncategorized: D9XXX, custom codes

  4. After you select the category a download should appear in the bottom left corner of your browser allowing you save and open the Source Data in Microsoft Excel

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