Engagement: Using Electronic Signatures

Learn how to add electronic signatures and sign forms and consents as they come into the Engagement Inbox

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Engagement makes it easy and convenient to sign forms electronically. That means no more printing and hassle with physical paperwork! Save a default signature that can be used anytime and across multiple locations (if needed).

By default, users that are setup in the Doctor role will have access to sign forms electronically in Engagement without additional setup required. In order to enable the Electronic Signatures for other user types (Office Manager, Hygienist, or Dental Assistant), you will need to customize their user permissions in order to enable this feature.

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Watch the short video below for an overview of how to setup and add electronic signatures in Engagement:

Setup Users to Sign Forms in Settings

If there are other users other than Doctors who need access to sign forms, you will need to update user settings for those team members. Follow the steps below to get your user settings updated.

Reminder: If the user is setup as a Doctor role within Engagement, they will automatically have permissions to sign electronic forms.

  1. Access Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Click into the Users tab

  3. Select the Edit button under the needed User

  4. Scroll to the Position Role drop down menu and select the applicable role: Doctor, Office Manager, Hygienist, or Dental Assistant

  5. Once you have selected the Role, scroll to the bottom of the user settings and click the Can Sign Forms check box

  6. Click Save User

How to Sign Documents Electronically

Now that the signing team members have been setup correctly, it's time to start signing forms.

Note: Only one provider and one patient signature is available per form. Multiple providers and patients cannot sign the same form.

Follow the steps below to begin signing forms electronically:

  1. To add a default signature, first navigate to the Inbox on the left side menu of Engagement. Filter the patients list by clicking on the Forms filter type.

  2. Click Sign Document on a patient that has an outstanding form that requires a signature.

  3. Add your electronic signature to sign the form. If this is your first time signing forms, click the checkbox to Save as Default Signature. This will save and populate your signature the next time you need to sign a form. If you already have a default signature saved, you will see the You are using your default signature verbiage.

Note: If you are a user that has access to multiple practice locations in Engagement, you must have a default signature saved in order to access your signature from any practice location. Access to this feature is restricted to end users that have multi-location and forms signing permissions.

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