Stripe Registration - Engagement Payments

This article will include instructions to set up your Stripe account to be used along with Engagement [Modento] Payment Request

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Stripe pricing for review:

How to Integrate Stripe and Engagement [Modento]

Step by Step instructions:

  1. Note: If you already have an account, please skip to step five

  2. Create a new account by providing the requested information (use your company information, below is an example)

  3. Verify the email provided during the registration

  4. Activate your account by providing information about your business (address, checking account)

  5. Add Engagement [Modento] Tech Support to your team as Dev

    Note: Engagement [Modento] will not be able to see any sensitive information, just authorization tokens to allow us to configure your Stripe Payments

    1. In order to add a team member go to Settings, then Team members

    2. Click New Member

    3. Type as a user email address and choose Developer as a role. Click Send Invite to confirm

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