How Do I Get Additional Training?

This article outlines all of your learning resources available.

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We are excited that you're using our solutions to help you run your practice! We know that learning software programs can be difficult, especially while you're busy at work. We've created this article to list out the resources that are available to you as a customer to get help and/or training.

We have several learning resources built right into your Analytics and Engagement modules. This includes product walkthroughs that will take you step by step through how to utilize all of your features.

Watch this short video to learn more:

At a glance, the options are:

Live and On-Demand Webinars

Check out our extensive library of live and on-demand webinars hosted by our product experts. We will be giving you tips and tricks on how to get the most value out of your Dental Intelligence products! Click here to register!

Knowledge Base with Articles & Videos

We know that being able to get answers for yourself is always nice, and often quicker.

Visit our Knowledge Base to check out some of our articles!

The available collections of articles are:

One on One Training

Sometimes you just need to have an expert on the phone with you, looking at your screen, to walk you through features and functions... we get that! We do our best to provide world-class training with our new customers as they go through our onboarding process, but if additional help is needed, we are here for you!

If the resources listed above just aren't enough for you or your team, please reach out to your support to discuss a training plan that fits your needs and to review the associated cost.

Additionally... Podcast!

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, Growth in Dentistry: A Dental Intelligence Podcast is worth checking out! The hosts are there to help your practice grow by sitting down with real practitioners from all over the industry, all of whom have found success in one way or another.

You can find the show on:

DI Customer Community

Our DI Customer Community is an interactive space where you can collaborate, learn, ask and answer questions, and gain insights into best practices.

Accessing the Community From Your Analytics Module

  • Click on the Need Help? bubble found in the lower right hand side of your Analytics Module and select Ask the DI Community.

  • Click Log In to sign in to the Community using your Analytics credentials. You are now ready to start connecting with your peers.

Accessing the DI Community from your Engagement Module

  • Click on the '?' found in the lower left hand side of your Analytics Module and select Ask the DI Community.

  • You will be redirected to the Community homepage. Click Log In to sign into the Community. You are now ready to start connecting with your peers.

Click HERE to learn more!

Technical Support

Via Chat, Email and Phone

For Technical Support click on your Resource Center and then choose the Technical Support option to start a chat.


Click on the Need Help? bubble located in the lower right hand corner of your Dental Intelligence Analytics Module and then select 'Contact Technical Support'


In your Engagement Module click on the '?' in the lower left hand corner of your software and then select 'Contact Technical Support'.

Support Contact Information

As mentioned, you can also reach our Technical Support Team via email and phone:

Support Hours of Operation

Our Technical Support Team is available Monday through Thursday from 6 am to 6 pm and Friday from 6 am to 4 pm Mountain Standard Time.

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