Anytime a credit or debit card is used to make a payment there will be bank and card fees, assessments, and dues associated with that transaction. These are the fees that are charged by the issuing bank, and by the brand of card used to make the payment. There are three different fees associated collecting payments using di. Payments:

Interchange Fees

Interchange fees are charged by the card brand, ie Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.

  • Each brand has a different exchange rate. This is why the fees vary depending on the type of card. This is also why some retailers only accept certain credit/debit cards as forms of payments. Some cards have a higher exchange rate than others.

  • Dental Intelligence does not add any markup on to these fees.

Bank Dues | Assessments

Bank dues and assessments are the fees that the issuing bank charges. For example Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.

  • These fees vary from bank to bank, as well as the type of card used to make payment. For example, a rewards card will have a higher fee than a debit card issued by the same bank.

  • Dental Intelligence does not add any markup to these fees.

This graph represents how those interchange fees, dues, and assessments are withheld from the payments made:

AR (Accounts Receivable) Management Fee

The AR Management fee is 1% of the money your office is able to collect using our di. Payments features. That means if you don't get paid, we don't get paid!

The services we are providing to you by using di, Payments includes the ability to:

  • Quickly find and identify patients that have outstanding balances based on your selected custom filters

  • Enrolling patients into a di. Payments drip campaign based on the frequency you select

  • Automatically bulk messaging (text and email) to your identified customers with a payment request that includes a secure payment link and electronic statement

  • The ability to send individual payment request to process payments virtually and hands free

  • Process a single payments using our Virtual Terminal, making over the phone or in person transactions secure and paperless

This graph helps explain how the AR Management Fee is applied:

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