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Learn about the Team Chat feature in Engagement [Modento].

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Team Chat will allow you and your team members to communicate through Engagement [Modento]. Here is a short video going over how to utilize Team Chat:

This is part of the Engagement Module. If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

Send Individual Messages in Team Chat

Important note: You must have more than one (1) user set up in Engagement in order to utilize Team Chat. Each user must be given permission to access Team Chat. Learn more here.

  1. Select Team Chat icon

  2. Click Create a New Message icon

  3. Search for or select team member to chat

  4. Type Message, add gifs or emojis

  5. Click Send

Sending Group Messages in Team Chat

  1. Select Team Chat icon

  2. Click Create a New Message icon

  3. Select Create a New Group

  4. Search for and select Check Boxes next to team members

  5. Click Create

  6. Enter a name in the Name This Group field or select Name Later

  7. Type Message, add gifs or emojis

  8. Click Send

Troubleshooting messages that fail to send

If you encounter an issue with sending messages in Team Chat, please ensure that you have more than one (1) user set up in Engagement. Team Chat requires at least (2) Engagement users in order to send/receive chat messages.

Next, please contact your IT Support team and request that they whitelist the following URL: https://chat-us-east-1.stream-io-api.com

Additional questions? Please contact Dental Intelligence Support.

Edit Open Team Chats

  1. Select the three dot menu to the right of the chat to view additional options. Individual Chats will provide the option to Hide or Mute the conversation

    1. Hiding a conversation will move it to the Hidden tab

    2. Muting a conversation will allow you to stop notifications

  2. Group Chats will provide options to View Details, Hide, Mute, Archive, and Leave the conversation.

Send a Message in the ModentoGo Mobile App

  1. Install the ModentoGo app on your phone

  2. Select Team Chat to open all direct messages from your team

Click here to learn more about using the Modento Go Mobile App for Staff.

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