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Engagement: The Modento Go Mobile App for Staff
Engagement: The Modento Go Mobile App for Staff

Learn how to use the Modento Go mobile app in your practice and with team members!

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Use the Modento Go mobile app to check your schedule, send messages to team members, and chat with patients directly from your phone! Watch this short video to learn how to mobilize your communication:

Download the Modento Go mobile app through your mobila app store by searching for Modento Go:

Enable Notifications on your Apple Watch for the Modento Go App

Did you know that the Modento Go app can push notifications to your smart phone and Apple smartwatch? In order to do so, you must have the Modento Go mobile app installed on your device.

Click here to learn how to download apps on your Apple Watch and how to pair applications in your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Once the app has been downloaded to your device, make sure notifications are enabled for the mobile app. Read on below to learn how to do this.

Enable App Notifications on your iPhone

  1. Go to the iPhone Settings

  2. Scroll down until you see Modento Go in the apps list & click into it

  3. Choose Notifications and configure them as desired

How to Manage Notifications

In the Modento Go app, you have the ability to manage your Notification Preferences. This can be done by following the steps listed below!

  1. Access your Modento Go app

    1. This can be downloaded in the Apple or Android App Store by searching "Modento Go"

  2. After you log in, select the Menu icon in the top left hand corner of the screen

  3. Click into Notification Settings

  4. Select the Toggle Buttons to enable or disable the notifications

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