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Engagement: Mark Patient Message as Read/Unread
Engagement: Mark Patient Message as Read/Unread

Learn how to mark a message as read or unread in Patient Chat

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Use the Read/Unread options in Patient Messages to stay organized and on top of your responses.

Please note: Messages will not appear as opened until you manually mark them as read. This is a feature in place to ensure unseen messages don't slip through the cracks.

Mark Patient Messages as Read or Unread

  1. Click on the Patient Chat icon in the left side menu

  2. Unread messages are marked with a numbered bubble in the upper right corner of the message block

  3. Click on the patient message to open it

  4. Hover over the new message(s) and then click the Read button to mark them as opened

    Once marked as Read, the button will change to show as Unread. Click Unread to un-open the message

  5. You can also select the Mark All as Read button found above the chat to mark all new messages from the currently selected patient as opened

Note: Patient chat threads and messages cannot be deleted.

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