Sending Treatment Plans with Modento allows you to provide more visibility to your patients by delivering it directly to them in a customizable format. Here is a short video going through the steps to Send a Treatment Plan:

How to Send Treatment Plans

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Go to the Patients tab

  2. Select the Three-Dot Menu next to the patient's initials

  3. Hover over Forms

  4. Click Prepare a Treatment Plan

  5. Choose how you would like to send the Treatment Plan, Kiosk or Patient

    1. Selecting Kiosk will allow you to choose which kiosk device

    2. Selecting Patient will allow you to choose Auto, Text or Email

  6. Select the Drop Down Menu to choose from the existing treatment plans for that patient

  7. You can fully customize the document that appears on the right side in the Content section. Use the Format Menu to adjust & click into the text to make needed changes

  8. Select the Check Boxes under Treatment Plan Columns to include or remove the Detailed Fees per Procedure Visibility and Hide Code Column to remove codes from the content

  9. Select the Drop Down Menu under the Select Payment Options

  10. Select Check Boxes to choose the Payment Options you would like to provide the patient with

  11. Verify the Total Treatment Plan Cost and make any needed adjustments by typing new value into the text box

  12. Select Check Box below this if you would like to require patient to choose payment option

  13. When sending to patient or to a kiosk, under Additional Settings you can enable an email copy to be delivered to the patient

  14. If you chose to send the Treatment Plan to a kiosk it will provide additional settings to Present as a QR-code, or Require Patient Initials to View Treatment Plan for additional security

  15. Select Send and Close to complete

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