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Engagement: Patient Treatment Refusal
Engagement: Patient Treatment Refusal

Learn how to prepare and attach a Treatment Refusal Consent to any patient treatment plan

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When sending a treatment plan to a patient, you may also choose to allow them to refuse the treatment plan by signing a Treatment Refusal Consent.

Watch this helpful video to learn more:

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Modify / Preview the Treatment Refusal Consent

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner, then click on the Consents tab

  2. Use the search bar to search for 'refusal', then locate the refusal consent that you would like to edit/preview

  3. Click on the Default button to open a preview the consent

  4. Click on the pencil icon to edit the consent

Click here to learn more about how to edit consents in Engagement.

Attach a Treatment Refusal Consent to a Treatment Plan

  1. Access the Patients dashboard on the left side menu of Engagement

  2. Click on the 3-dot menu next to the patient's name and choose Forms, then click Prepare a treatment plan

  3. Next, apply the treatment plan details:

    1. Choose the delivery channel that the treatment plan will be sent via: a kiosk, or patient text/email

    2. Select the previously created treatment plan from the dropdown list of available options

    3. Select payment options. Select the checkbox to force the patient to choose a payment option during signing (optional)

    4. Choose to select additional settings

    5. To attach a treatment refusal consent to the treatment plan, select Request Treatment Refusal Consent upon rejection. Select the refusal consent you would like to attach from the dropdown menu (Note: the general treatment refusal consent is located in Other > Treatment Refusal)

    6. If necessary, make any desired changes to the treatment plan title and content

  4. Click Send & Close or Just Send to submit the treatment plan to the patient

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Preview the Patient Experience

When you send forms and/or consents to a patient, they will receive a message from Engagement that includes a link to complete the requested paperwork. Depending on the delivery channel you selected when sending the forms, the patient will receive the paperwork link via text, email, or at an in-office kiosk.

Upon reviewing the provided treatment plan, the patient will select to either accept or reject the treatment plan:

Should the patient choose to reject the treatment plan, they will be presented with the previously selected Treatment Refusal Consent. The patient must select to acknowledge that they are confirming the above outlined refusal.

Upon acknowledging that they are rejecting the presented treatment, the patient will sign their name electronically and click Submit.

Note: The rejected treatment plan and treatment plan refusal consent will both write back into your practice management software.

Manage Treatment Refusal Notifications

After a patient has completed the requested paperwork, you will receive a notification in the Engagement Inbox. Filter notifications by clicking on the Forms filter in the left side navigation, then choose to show details, download, or preview the completed forms.

Treatment plan notifications are also shown in the Communication > Documents Dashboard.

To view all rejected treatment plans, click on the Status column, then choose Rejected (Treatment Plan Only).

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